Pay special attention to the figure and skin condition.Teach yourself every morning to do the active charge and takes two to three times a week fitness or dance.The main rule - the body has to work well, the muscles - tense, and the body - to move.Because of this, you will lose a considerable amount of calories accumulated during the winter.Fats will gradually be burned, and the figure will become seductive relief.To the result was not long in coming - replace sugar and flour for fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, it's much more useful calorie pastries.
your skin needs to look perfect, so in need of water procedures.During
the shower and bath treatment using massage glove, which will help speed up the metabolic processes in the upper layer of the skin, improve blood circulation and exfoliate dead cells.Well suited for this purpose scrubs.After using these funds to lubricate body moisturizing lotion or cream.
Since you have to undress on the beach, can not do without hair removal.Every woman has its own tried and tested methods: one uses for this epilator, others prefer to moisturize skin and plenty of daily shaving machine.Do not forget then applied to the skin a special cream.A large number of young women drawn to the beauty salon to complete the procedure of laser hair removal or hair removal, which removes unwanted hair for a long time.
responsibly approach to the choice of bathing suit that perfectly emphasize all the advantages of your figure and removes its shortcomings.So walk around all the shops, peremerte products plurality of styles and colors.If you purchased a swimsuit, take care of the content of your beach bag.It should be: scarf hair, wet wipes, comb, sunscreen, sunblock, and a softening lotion after sunbathing.Purchase a wide-brimmed hat and parasol.