Christmas Miracle

The birth of the Christ child was the first and most famous Christmas miracle.Miraculously, the parish and became a wandering star in the east, which stood over the place where the baby was born.According to legend, that amazing night gave rise to a rare year in which the earth was not a single war.

On Christmas Eve, and other miracles happened.Thus, in the cave of Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, the stone suddenly scored a clean and transparent source.At the same instant in Rome fought his way out of the ground source perfumed oil, an ancient pagan temple collapsed, and in the sky the sun rose just three.Above the current Spain suddenly it appeared dazzlingly luminous cloud, and in Israel, sometimes wint
er bloom vineyards.

Three Wise Men who brought light into the cave Christmas star, brought in the Infant gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh - gifts for the king, God and man.Wonderful gifts to this day kept in the monastery of St. Paul on the sacred Mount Athos.On Orthodox Christmas 2014 gifts of the Magi visited Russia for the first time.

With Christmas miracles connected with the name of St. Nicholas of Myra, which became the prototype of the well-known Santa Claus.Thanks to him, the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas.It is said that on the night before Christmas, Saint Nicholas left at the door of the houses of the poor golden apples, money and sweets.People who did not know who was the mysterious donor, considered it a Christmas miracle.

The most famous of the miracles of St. Nicholas - a story about how he was able to save the honor of the three innocent girls.Their father, seeing no other escape from poverty, was ready to sell their daughters into prostitution.Learning of this, St. Nicholas threw him three bags of gold.Girls miraculously received a dowry could safely marry.

Christmas miracles in the literature

There are many literary works, dedicated to Christmas miracles.Thus, in the Dickens story "A Christmas Carol" to do not recognize Christmas Scrooge Ebineyzeru a festive night Christmas-Tide Spirit are three that give him the opportunity to look beyond their own past, present and future.As a result, the old miser turns into a kind, generous and cheerful person.

Among the characters of Gogol's "Night Before Christmas" - representatives of the "evil forces".However, even here the devil is not terrible, and helps Vakula make a real miracle - to get to the capricious beauty Oksana slippers with feet of the queen.

Everyone is waiting for miracles from the Christmas night.And they really come as a welcome gift of healing or a sudden, you just have to believe in them with all my heart.