on the nature of the summer

most popular summer games - this is football, volleyball and dodgeball.In addition to health benefits and figures plus those games that need only one ball that easily fit in the trunk.If there is a body of water, and the weather allows, you can play water volleyball.Positive emotions are guaranteed.

fans of quiet rest badbinton fit.Two rackets and birdies will occupy even less space.Moreover, do not look for a big flat area for games.

If you buy a pre-twister, can be combined with the training session of laughter yoga.Which is not only the figures obtained from the twisted bodies.

tired of the standard of the game?Choose one of the most active man, he will be mammoth.All the rest - it is the hu
nters.Their goal - to drive the poor "animal" in the network, which can easily replace the cover.

noisy and fun game "build": the master selects a sign on which all parties need as quickly as possible to line up in a row, it can be height, weight, the first letter of the name, etc.The latter is considered the loser gets up and retires.

When forces do not stay, play a traditional game "Crocodile".Leading thinks of a word or phrase, and the participants need to explain it to all the rest, without saying a word.

popular game "Mafia" is quite suitable for a summer picnic.The larger the company - the more fun to play it, coming up with new roles.For example, a doctor who can cure one player or the temptress that will bring down the other.

on the nature of the winter

summer If you can afford a little bit lazy, playing while sitting on a large blanket, the winter holidays should be selected outdoor games.Otherwise, all the risks freeze.

The easiest option - to play in the snow.It can be divided into two teams, or play every man for himself, and it is possible to build two fortresses, and as a child to arrange a rout of the enemy.

Play horse.Some people lean forward, clasping his hands in front neighbor, and the other participants have a running jump on this "horse" in turn.Plus this game in the winter is that in case of a fall no one will suffer greatly, snow cushion the blow.

The same game can be a little change, if some people sit on the shoulders of others.The goal - to throw off each other and win the most stable and sturdy.

are going in the country, and bring your children.They are happy to play together with you, adding fun.