Tip 1: How to celebrate the trinity

Trinity - an ancient Russian holiday, which harmoniously merged Slavic Orthodox traditions and rituals.It is celebrated on Sunday on the fiftieth day after Easter, so called Pentecost.On that day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Christ.The Apostles spoke in all known languages ​​and baptized nearly 3,000 people, marking the birthday of the Christian church.
Cenacle, where were the disciples of Christ and the Virgin Mary, was decorated with branches of trees, grass and flowers, symbolizing the renewal of the soul and the awakening of nature.The tradition of decorating the green house and the church was passed to the Russian people.The day of farewell to spring and summer meetings Slavs dedicated Lada - the goddess of spring.Since Birch by this time dressed in elegant greens, she was treated with special reverence.Around Birch staged dances and sang songs.Girls birch branches decorated home and wove wreaths of them.On the wreaths were wondering.They were thrown into the wat
er and take a look, if sails - will be happy if the sink - it can happen the death of a loved one, and zavertitsya in one place - upset wedding.In Trinity organized games on a swing, lit bonfires and bathed in the river.It was decided also to bring to the church mourned tuft of grass.People believed that this ritual gives the rain and the ground will protect it from the summer drought.
an Orthodox church on the day of the Holy Trinity served great vespers and liturgy.The day before the festival temple washed and cleaned.Priests for the celebration dressed in green, white or golden dress, meaning the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit.The icons of the temple are decorated with birch branches, and the floor was covered with freshly cut grass.In Trinity commemorate deceased relatives.The priests say prayers for the repose of the souls of all the dead, for the salvation of those whose souls are in hell.Prayers are read them on his knees, which means the end of poslepaskhalnogo period not allowing bows and kolenoprekloneniy.Krome repose of the dead are read prayers for the Church and of the descent of the Holy Spirit, the gift of grace to all those present.The priests urged the faithful to worship of the divine Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.The second day after the day of the Trinity called spirits.It begins with a morning prayer sung canons, written by Cosmas of Maiuma and John of Damascus.
celebration of the Holy Trinity, as well as any other holiday is complete without festive table.On Thursday, in front of the Trinity, believers begin to cook dishes from eggs, milk, fresh greens, poultry and fish.Fried dish is considered mandatory, since the hot sun symbolizes.The most popular pastries - loaves, pies, pancakes.From drinking - jelly, wine, beer, mead.On the day of the Trinity in the morning go to church, then arrange meals and celebrations in the forest, in a field near the river.Tablecloth for a meal should be green as spring nature.

Tip 2: How to celebrate Enkutatash Ethiopia

Enkutatash - a New Year's Ethiopian.Only the people of this country do not celebrate it in the winter, and in the fall, September 11.Just stop incessant rains, it's time to harvest.But it's not just the change of seasons.There is a beautiful legend of the holiday.
How to celebrate Enkutatash in Ethiopia

According to legend, his date she chose the Queen of Sheba.It was on this day back from Jerusalem, where he met with King Solomon, and became pregnant by him.Nationals met his lady with joy, carried to the palace numerous gifts.After all, it has brought good news for the country: a future baby was designed to usher in a new Solomonic dynasty.

in modern Ethiopia to celebrate Enkutatash begin in the evening of September 10th.People bred on the streets of the fires.The main lights in the metropolitan area of ​​Addis Ababa, he sets fire to himself head of state.The crowd cheers around and having fun, all of the following, which will fall scorched tree top.There is a belief that the other side have to wait for a good harvest.

not do without the religious events.The next morning, September 11, all wearing national clothes and go to church.There is a festive procession, the priests sing hymns, read the sermon.Then people go to their homes.There's family lay on the table.Dinner consists of traditional national dishes.It is a stew called UAT, sour and flat white bread, a kind of dish injera growing only cereal teff in Ethiopia, which is to ferment with water and salt.

Holiday Enkutatash very fond of all the people of Ethiopia.But it is especially popular with the children.Boys and girls happy to wear bright clothes, weave beautiful wreaths of flowers and distribute them to passers-by.Boys pre-paint pictures and sell them at the feast.Girls in national dresses taking up the drums Cabera and go to the neighboring houses.It is a bit like Russian Christmas carols: special children sing Christmas songs, and the owners of houses give them small coins.

evening, adults go to visit friends, to sit with a glass of local beer, Tello.It is made from the leaves and twigs of the Ethiopian bush gesho.A rebyatnya also rests - spend the money earned during the day.

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