Games Nature

¬ęPantomime" - a favorite game of mental companies.A man thinks of a word, says his ear to another.The player's task is to show the noun with gestures.The game moves to the next level, if you try to make plans for the complex picture of speech, for example, the abbreviation, enthusiasm, loyalty, eternity, hairdryer and so on.

game "Who are you."Each player writes on a small piece of a noun, then the sheet pasted on the forehead neighbor on the right.Man needs to know what is written on his forehead, his task is to guess the word by using the simple questions that can be answered only "Yes" or "No".For example, a person on the forehead of a piece of paper with the word tiger, he asks: "This plant is?", The other players say, "No!".Then follows the course of the transition to the next player and so on.
Transition progress carried out only when the answer to this question was negative.

interesting game "principle."One man steps aside so as not to overhear the other counsel.He water.The other principle of guessing who they will answer questions, for example, the neighbor on the right.Water comes back and starts to ask simple questions all in order, and they have to meet, according to the principle will make come true.For example, water asks you, "Are you blond?", And you, even if you are the owner of blond hair, but your neighbor on the right brunette, replied: "No!".The task of driving to guess the principle.It can be completely different, for example: everyone is responsible for themselves or for the next person who has a piercing, for most water and so on.Water should ask such questions, the answers to which are obvious to all.

You can also play the famous "Mafia."

Contests Outdoors

contest "storytellers".Two teams of three people total in each team have a narrator, talking head and zhestikulyator.The narrator stands to the side and tells an interesting tale.The player plays the role of a talking head, sits on the stump and removes his hands behind his back.His task is to open his mouth as if he is telling the tale (do not forget the emotions and facial expressions).Zhestikulyator sit behind the talking head, hiding her head.He has to gesticulate what is narrated in the story.Teams take turns show and tell their stories, and those who did not participate in the contest, selected the winning team.It's very funny and fun competition.

¬ęCaptain."Two players are blindfolded - it ships.Each of them is the captain.All other players are distributed in space and freeze in any position - is the iceberg.Captains must hold their ships to a certain previously established points.The captain can not touch the ship.He should give him verbal commands, such as "two steps forward", "Sit on his heels," "Three steps to the side" and so on.The winner is the team than the ship quickly reach the set point and has not touched the iceberg.Icebergs move is forbidden.

contest "Colorful volleyball."It is necessary to inflate a lot of balloons.The territory is divided into two equal parts.There should be two teams with an equal number of people.Objective: to clear its territory of a maximum of balls, throwing their opponents.

At the end of this competition can be divided equally between the remaining balls teams and hold a contest "Minesweeper" - whose team will burst balloons.