you need
  • Women's white silk blouse with a collar.
  • dark trousers.
  • Dark-sided fabric.
  • Parting the red cloth.
  • leather boots, a height of not less than to mid-calf.
  • flap faux leather boots in color 100 x 100 cm.
  • gold braid width of 2 - 3 cm.
  • Toy knife and a gun.
Plain white men's shirt does not fit to play the role of the white pirate shirt.Need chic.And because the shirt should be with full sleeves, and preferably made of silk fabric.Even if it is rayon.So find feminine silk blouse with long puffed sleeves.Alter the buttons on the cuff so that the cuff tightly encloses the wrist of th
e child.With this sleeve will not hang.On the contrary, they will lie with a good overlap.Of course, blouse, even women will be too wide child.Extra width you hide under a long vest and sash utyanet.
But you can use any pants, if only the color was dark.Iron the trousers so that they did not have the arrows.The pirates on the trousers may be ironed arrows.
Long vest you have to sew.You will need a dark-sided fabric, ie the fabric, in which the front side of Wrong and look the same.To sew vest three carve out a rectangle.The length of the large rectangle which becomes the back, should be equal to the distance from the shoulder to the mid-thigh.The width of the rectangle is equal to half the coverage of the child thighs, plus 5 cm. To carve out two rectangles.It would shelves.Their length is equal to the length of the large rectangle, and the width - half its width plus 10-15 cm. Crosslinking shoulder seams from the edges to the middle.At the same shelf sew do not end up 10-15 cm upper cut, leave.It will lapels lapels.Throw prefabricated vest on your child fasten the side seams under the armpits, so that was convenient to move your hands.Crosslinking of this place down.Side seams below can not sew up the end.We allowed the vest side slits.All sections except domestic obsheyte gold braid.
For sash red fabric you will need a length of about two meters and a width of 30-40 cm. It can not even handle, and just beautiful wrap around the waist.The main thing is that the material from which you carve out a sash, was not loose.From the same fabric carve out a bandanna.It will be a square flap 50x50 cm.
hardest part - is real pirate boots.Wear boots that you have chosen to suit well.Measure the distance from the upper edge of the boot to the knee.Leatherette carve out two trapezoids.The height of each trapezoid is equal to the measured distance, multiplied by two, plus 5-10 cm. The short side must be equal to the circumference of eggs plus 2 cm on the seam, as long by 5 cm more.It will lapels Treads.Sew each trapezoid of non-parallel sides.Over the long side obsheyte gold braid cut or shaped, for example teeth.Put the cuffs on top of the pants inside out.Increased hole should be upwards.Then put the boots so that the bottom edge of the shaft was inside.Tuck pants inside the shaft.Remove the boots right side out and close their place and connected to the ankle cuffs.Seam cuffs must be on the inner side of the leg.To make sure your baby can move actively in the celebration, not fear of losing boots, fasten cuffs few stitches.
Well, there put a few small strokes.Wear a bandanna, sun'te his belt knife and pistols.For completeness, the similarities can be drawn beard and mustache special paints for makeup.Before you almost real Captain Jack Sparrow.