Start with treatment.Congratulations to the family and friends begin with the words "dear", "favorite."These adjectives can be used, if the developed warm relations between colleagues, but against principalities, or if the card is written on behalf of several employees is better to choose "dear" and sometimes "Hon."For the congratulations of friends, you can use a partial name or even a nickname, of course, if it is not offensive.
Specify exactly how to triumph you congratulate the person.When writing cards timed to the anniversary, do not hesitate to write numbers, but if you congratulate a woman, think about whether it will be happy about it.Of course, do not write "We congratulate our friend with the 39 th anniversary."
Use greeting texts that can be found on the Internet.As a rule, they are presented in the verses.Specialized sites equipped with convenient search system, and congratulations on the recipient's wishes.
Send text greetings from the heart, because the sincere words are especially valuable.At first, work out in the draft, eliminate the tautology, try to pick up the synonyms that the text reads well.If you write poetry, do not be afraid that they will get a little clumsy, the main thing that they contain genuine feelings.Consider the nature and age of the person, which is devoted to the wishes.The signature must match the style of the text, such as "Your loving daughter," but does not resemble the words to the funeral wreaths.
Get suitably postcard.Many ready-made cards are already typographic text, poems and wishes.You can supplement it with a few words and sign.This is ideal if offered greetings on behalf of several people.In this case, anyone can write a brief requests in the fields and put his signature or initials.
Sign full name (no middle name), if you congratulate colleagues, members of the staff where you spend time, such as a kindergarten teacher, official.You can also specify the name and initials.
Use your nickname under which you are registered on the forums, magazines or other Internet resources.This is appropriate if you're greeting active user of the same site for messages grandfather better use something more traditional.Try to mimic the slope of the text font and that the signature was similar to the way the nickname written in a particular Internet site.
Put the bottom of the card date.Many people store cards received a lifetime, it will be easier to remember later, in what was a year were written these words.