you need
  • -el 2 m;
  • -hvoynye branches;
  • -gipsofily;
  • -lilii;
  • -hrizantemy.
Help prepare pine branches.Some temple s used for this purpose artificial imitation products.But ideally, if the branches are natural, alive.Go into the woods.For this event hire a small car with a body type "pie."Do not forget to bring the necessary tools - a saw and ax.Penalty for harvesting branches Russian law does not provide.Still needed tight plastic bags for transporting harvested branches.Suit branches of spruce, fir, pine, and juniper and arborvitae gold shoots.Zagotov
te their required amount.When delivered the branches in the temple , help them to build a shed from symbolizing a den - a place where the Saviour was born.Conifers symbolize immortality, eternal life.
In the design of the temple items on Christmas used not only pine branches and flowers, usually with white flowers.Get the flower shop white lilies, baby's breath, and chrysanthemum.First flower set from large icons on the floor.Then, there, on the floor, place the flower arrangements on each side of the King's Gate.Then install the outdoor floral arrangements from the Shroud and mountainous areas.These ornaments make traditional symmetrical pyramidal shape.Then decorate with flowers the most revered temple marketing icons, as well as cancer with the relics of the saint.Then decorate with flowers bypass the cross, then outrigger candles.
Do not use too many colors, so they do not interfere with worship.Get to flower outward harmony and is a single ensemble.The traditional floral design for temple s compositions are in the form of garlands, which bordered icons.Manufacture of such garlands, alternating flowers and leaves with an upward direction and the direction from the center to the sides garlands.Depending on the size and temple, purchase and help install it from one to a few spruce trees.We ate out of place candlesticks with candles, to prevent possible ignition of the needles.Agree on the matter with the abbot of the temple well.We ate in the same temple decorate ah, but in others they are unadorned.This issue is related to traditions, decide also to the temple abbot well.