There is a belief that those who do not adequately meet the Pancake Day, live the whole year miserable and frozen.Therefore wide Mardi Gras is one of the most joyous and long holidays of the year.After celebrations last a week, and every day of celebration associated with certain traditions and is an event.

Monday - "meeting".On the first day of the holiday Shrove Tuesday met with her fiance.They were big straw scarecrow dressed in festive costumes.Their baggage sleigh rides through the village, and then seated at the place of honor and were treated to pancakes.Who decided on Monday pancakes and to invite relatives to visit.

Tuesday - "zaigrysh."This day was joyful celebrations and dances around the noisy Shrovetide stuffed.Young men invited the girls ride with a visit to the pancakes.On the streets there were performances, everyone tried to dress up in colorful costumes.

Wednesday - "gourmet."Fair continues to gain momentum, and festivals are becoming bigger.The third day of the week is the rich, because you can eat as much as you wish.Each family tried to lay the table with all sorts of goodies.In today's world, this day is to invite in-law mother-in-law "pancakes."

Thursday - "a binge" or "fractured."This day is the most fun on the Pancake week.One of his favorite pastimes was to set fire to the truck and pull it from the slope into the ravine.Often carried out fisticuffs, and the most courageous fought with the bear.In the evening, treat costumed children gathered and caroling.

Friday - "Teschin Vecherki."On this day, we committed a variety of rituals and divination, to bring together couples and speed up the wedding.Those who have not yet decided on the pair, had to help her find it.It is assumed that in-law provided the day hospitality and invited to her mother in law "pancakes."

Saturday - "Zolovkina gatherings."This day was the family at Pancake week.The young wife was invited to visit the sisters of her husband (zolovok) bestow them with gifts and goodies to entertain.Of course, the guests came not only in-law, and all relatives.

Sunday - "Forgiveness Sunday" or "Tselovalnik."On the last day of Maslenitsa all went home and kissed at the meeting and asked each other for forgiveness.Forgiveness is asked not only relatives, but neighbors and even entire villages.Forgiving had to say the phrase: "God will forgive you."So, people are freed his soul from all sins before Lent.The highlight of the day and all of Maslenitsa was burning straw effigy of Maslenitsa.And the remaining ash had to be scattered over the fields, so that the year fertile and fruitful.Thus in Russia saw off winter and welcomed the long-awaited spring.