you need
  • - a little bit of hay;
  • - sochivo;
  • - holiday dishes;
  • - gifts.
In the center of the holiday table to put the hay, it will symbolize the manger of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.Put the best cutlery and lay a snow-white tablecloth.Seated at the table must be an even number, if not, put an extra set of dishes.Prepare 13 dishes, in addition to soup, everything can be cold to the hostess did not run to the kitchen.
Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve - Prepare the ritual porridge-sochivo.It is brewed from red wheat, barley, rye or buckwheat, mixed with honey and almond or poppy juice.On this day, do not eat until the first star.When you see the dark sky bright star, sit down and share wafer
wafers - a thin leaves of unleavened dough, usually round shape.Initially, they need to be put in the center of the table on a clean hay, it symbolizes the baby Jesus lying in a manger.During the dinner, and brake wafer with sitting at the table people, exchange good wishes and congratulations.
Orthodox cook the first dish kutyu - sochivo option.Prepare it from wheat, rice, barley.Season with honey and vegetable oil.The hearty and kutia fatter, the better the harvest and prosperity in the family.
Then you need snacks (herring salad), followed by red borsch, fish or mushroom soup.For soups cook patties with mushrooms and juicy.Desserts carry on the table at the end of the Christmas meal.Suit rolls with poppy seeds, honey cakes, jelly, nuts, various pastries.
Everyone should enjoy at least a little of all the dishes.The meal takes place without the alcoholic libations and without meat, milk and sour cream.If you someone will come to invite guests to the table.On Christmas Eve, made to feed everyone, so it has been a treat for homeless animals.
Samoa Christmas cook a big dinner for the whole family.Well suited oily fatted fowl goose, duck, turkey.Place the ham on the table, jelly, meat rolls.Prepare a hearty porridge in melted milk.In this table put and alcohol.
On Christmas Eve, distributed gifts, disguised as St. Nicholas (Santa Claus).Presenting children toys, encourage positive qualities and zhurite for mischief.Traditionally, the holiday gifts you need to do with their hands.Wrap the gift in bright paper, garnish with sprigs of fir and pine cones.
With the Christmas holiday starts Christmastide, which lasts until Epiphany.At that time, Russia was made to dress up, to arrange fun games on the street, to congratulate all the people with the rotation of the sun in the summer, sing, led dances.Christmas carols - is a common festivities and fun, riding with a snow hills and abundant feast.