gifts for colleagues should be roughly equivalent.Do not give anything expensive or intimate - will first bind to reciprocate, and the latter are allowed only between relatives.But do not buy identical gifts, because it may look like a sign of indifference and neglect.The choice is much easier if you know about the hobbies of his colleagues.
Standard gifts on March 8 are candy, soft toys and stationery.All three are good gifts and have a right to exist.Especially, for example, if a colleague collecting toys, pick her something unusual.
If the work the employee is connected to the computer, give her some computer accessories, such as a computer mouse, a USB flash drive, etc.For colleagues who are not on friendly terms with your computer,
get some nice decoration for the table that will perform to the same and useful function: beautiful frames for photos or stands.
Not all women are addicted to such modern trends organizing your life and space as feng shui or Simoron, but even they will be happy to present, symbolize love, happiness, joy and prosperity.Therefore, you can safely view the souvenir shops statues, amulets or talismans.
woman, the mistress of cooking, buy a nice recipe book or a set of baking dish. Colleague - lover of music - you can find a CD with rare recordings of your favorite singer or group.
Flowers certainly - a universal gift, but if a woman - an amateur florist, buy potted flower.
Gift can be not only individual but also collective.For the entire department buy a set of high-end coffee or tea, there are now kits with different flavors and additives.To this can be added a box of chocolates or a huge delicious cake.The most important thing in the present - it is not himself, and embedded in his soul, caring and a desire to please the man.