first option.Collective wall newspaper.
For this gift will need to gather some creative "activists" from friends birthday.Together, you can literally for one night to make a collective greeting wall newspaper.It may be the life of a lot of different sections - the common good memories, funny stories of life, greetings, wishes, photos and other joint. The paper should be large.It should attract the attention of their design and brightness.This original gift you can give a solemn birthday, if he does not plan a holiday.If you are invited to the celebration, you can hang a wall newspaper solemnly next to each other.
Option Two.Invent a story, The dream birthday.
essence of this surpr
ise is that you will need to write a story in verse or in prose of a charming prince (your friend).Here it will suffice as your talent.In the beginning, you can make several lyrical digressions on the subject of how to live your friend than interested in what his best quality, etc.In the middle of a fairy tale should magically fulfill all your dreams and desires birthday, which you know.Prince Charming must be able to move mountains and become the best in the world.Praise and compliments make the birthday a fairy tale since "creation" will not leave indifferent neither he nor all invited friends.To tale amused guests, take it with humor writing.

finished his work congratulations and wishes of the birthday: that everything in his life been able to dream come true, etc.

This tale is best read aloud the author.Finish reading advisable toast and applause in honor of the hero of the occasion.
Option Three.Professional rally.

In this case, you will need to hire actors who will play professionally birthday, and restaurant reservations for the celebration.If you collect a lot of friends, it is more convenient to emerge and money to rent the whole cafe.

Options draw quite a lot, something unusual and funny you can advise the actors themselves, whom you invite a friend to play.For example, two law enforcement officers detained birthday on the way home in pretty rough shape, and the reason for the drive to the police, leading him to a restaurant (cafe), where they were waiting for a noisy group of friends.Meet the hero of the occasion should be loud congratulations, because the effect is amplified surprise.