One kind of album that can be enjoyed in any photo shop - traditional photo book.It pictures the children are interspersed with the wishes of the teachers and the poems about school.Open book picture taken in the first class, and finishes the total discharge photos.Photographs are framed in the frames of autumn leaves or school supplies (such a framework, a lot of patterns on the Internet and find the right will not be much difficulty).
If you want a dull album, it can be made into a gay magazine.It does not necessarily take photos for each graduate a single page, there are important lively, frivolous, fun frames, Behold Mary tosses up yell
ow leaves, and Kohl's, for example, enjoys a victory in the competition.You can make several collages reflecting the faith of children in good, good, successful future: one is in the clothing, or the subject, describing the future profession (Vanya keyboard under his arm, and Natasha Pointer and biology textbook).Welcome pictures with school activities - sports, competitions, KVNov, disco, theater.Options signatures - funny phrases from the lessons, each comic promises: "But in the future I will definitely ...".
If you want information about each graduate, you can put together an album for people: on each page - picture of the graduate to full height and two small characterizing hobbies or stance eleventh.It also provides information about each of them: name, surname, number of ICQ, email address, interests and hobbies, small response on behalf of the teachers.At the bottom of each page can be placed aphorism about life, or about the choice of the way.
For the refined natures or graduates of art schools or classes suitable variant creative album.Over its formation will have to do everything, because here everything is on hand - scanned and processed record congratulations, declarations of love teachers, notes, "currently," "my dream", pictures in the margins of notebooks and wishes classmates, splashes of notebooks and writing classHead in the diaries.Photographs of each graduate can be in two formats: a seven-year shy first-grader with flowers, and a briefcase behind the graduate, serious and confident in their abilities.Many years later, it will be interesting to open it and see how much the writing as instructions come true, wishes and dreams.