Family Picnic - a great way to vacation with their children in good weather.Options can be a lot, for example, you can go to the city park to include in its program of rides and ice cream, and it is possible to the country or the nature away from civilization.Naturally, in the park to make kebabs does not work, so you have to take with them already cooked foods.Select food easier - it may sandwiches, vegetables, fruit.Outdoors quickly disappear yesterday burgers and pies.Do not forget about the drinks: juices, fruit drinks, tea.Do not forget to bring along blankets, a camera and a means of insect bites.For children you can take with the ball, or coloring books, bubbles, kite or badminton.
romantic picnic can be a great way to refresh the senses and get close couples.Here yesterday patties are no longer s
uitable, for such a picnic snacks need to be more sophisticated.Perhaps this will be the rolls of ham or salmon, gherkins, cherry tomatoes, fruit, cheese, pizza, cookies, cream cakes, do not forget about good spirits.
Friendly picnic in large companies usually organized around a main dish, a traditional barbecue.The meat is ideal vegetables, so take plenty of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper and fresh herbs.Do not forget about pita bread and ketchup.Besides the usual kebabs on the grill you can cook fish, chicken breast and vegetables.You can bake on a campfire potatoes in foil with various spices and herbs.
fans camping in the forest should provide all possible needs.Be sure to stock up on vegetables, fruits, canned food, cereals, canned meat, pasta, fresh bread, sugar and salt, tea and coffee.Be sure to grab with a large number of drinking water.Do not take perishable foods such as sausages, meats, dairy products, cream cake, home-cooked salads and other hot dishes.But if you have a cooler bag or a vehicle is equipped with Auto-refrigerators, the freshness of such products can be stored for a long time.And their number will depend on the volume of the bag already, or car refrigerator.
order not to spoil the long-awaited vacation on the nature of the nasty little things, try not to forget anything, but it's better not to gain anything extra.Bring all the things that make you feel comfortable and confident.