If you want to see on Christmas Eve, which will next year, pour into a shallow bowl or saucer of water and brought to the porch.After you wake up in the morning, go outside and see if the ice froze - you will find a calm year, ice reared - be a good year.If the water in this form of the wells were frozen - waiting for you a bad year, the ice froze waves - will be in the new year, and happiness and sorrow.
the most simple way on Christmas Eve to find out their future - is to go to bed early, because in these festive days and bright dreams - the most that neither is
a prophetic.And that had a righteous dream, comb hair comb clean and say the following words: narrowing-disguised, come to me dressed.Put the comb under the pillow and go to sleep, your future spouse must dream.Try to remember his image.
Pregnant women in Russian villages used the old rite, which allows you to determine the sex of the baby before it is born on Christmas Eve.Expectant mother should pull out of the hen egg, smash and consider sex of the fetus.It is believed that the sex of the unborn chicken necessarily coincide with the floor unborn child.
Write on Christmas night his most cherished wishes on small pieces of paper, fold and put under the pillow, go to bed.In the morning the first thing pull any piece of paper at random.What is her desire to be written, and is fulfilled in the new year.
Lie on snowdrift backward, rise and walk away, while you can not look back.In the morning come to the place and check it.If the track was smooth - the husband is kind and gentle person.If the trail in the snow as if striated dashes - marrying a rough man.Deep Pit - get married several times, covered his tracks with snow - married leave any time soon.If at this point a mound of snow piled up - in the coming year you expect danger.
On Christmas Eve take the book, it is desirable that it was a spiritual content.Put forth with the page number and row (counting can be carried out from above or below).Now open this page and read - this will answer your question conceived.Try to explain the answer in their own way, if he does not fully open.
On Christmas Eve, you need to go to a deserted intersection and make a future for his fiance.Draw a circle around himself and stay in it.Listen, if you imagined the sound of bells, singing fun and laughter - so will soon be married.If you hear a sad song or a lament - a spouse dies.Look carefully in the mirror, you can see it in their future betrothed.
Next divination may be involved several people.Put the boots the following items: pens, keys, glass, bread, scissors and a ring.One of boots leave blank.Each person chooses one of boots.On the subject of being in it, you can find out what is waiting for him in the new year.If you got a pen - to wait for the hard work of keys - expect new home, a glass - a constant feast.Bread - to wealth and satiety, scissors - will be a difficult year, the ring - is waiting for the imminent marriage.If you dropped the empty boots - future for the new year is not yet defined.