Drawing with a dummy.You can play your roommate or friend who is in your party.In his eyes, you are sitting on the windowsill.At a time when the "victim" of drawing distracted, you'll quickly hide or run out of the room.And your assistant on the street under the window puts a scarecrow clothes, like you (you can fill clothes paper) and a stuffed puts plywood under the color of the soil to the puddle of blood drawn.Then the assistant raises panic, they say, to break you and screams "victim" look out and go down to help you if even possible.When the "victim" will leave the room, you have to climb back on the windowsill, and your assistant meanwhile removes effigy.Your friend goes outside, he was told that the body was removed.In retrospect, the "victim" see you on the spot, as if nothing had happened.From this extreme effect of drawing a "killer."
Drawing on the subway.By accessing the
station a young man.The train starts to move.After a while a guy comes to the call button the driver pretended that he pushes her and shouted into the microphone: "Coca-Cola and cheeseburger on such a car."Wagon is usually written at the button.At the next station includes a person with the "order" in his hands, he gets the money and leaves.Snack "joker" again "presses the" call button and the driver said: "Before the final, please, without stopping."The reaction of the passengers did not take long.
sobriety test.The company argued in a noisy street, two who are sober.One of them is the "victim", the second - Artist drawing.Artist ties the dispute: "Who will make a smooth swallow, he is sober!".Next is an attempt to "sacrifice" to make the drawing figure.After her performance object drawing declare that he totally screwed.Bewilderment exclamation man lost the argument, intercepted a simple phrase: "A sober person would do in such a public place."
Another school banal joke - until the teacher is not in the classroom, chalkboard, rub soap.Writing on it will not be possible.