you need
  • - champagne;
  • - glasses;
  • - Wedding loaf;
  • - salt;
  • - towel;
  • - flowers;
  • - pink petals;
  • - icon;
  • - covered table.
Traditionally, after marriage the couple go to the house of the groom's parents, because they take a young wife to his family.If weather permits, meet the young at the entrance or at the gate, if you - the happy owners of a private home.This will not create a throng in the hallway, because the couple did not come alone, but with gostyami.Proiznesite welcoming speech.It should be short and sincere.Congratulate children with marriage, tell how happy to see the young, that bless their union.If the bride and groom believers, bless their icon.This should remind the yo
ung of spirituality and strength of a Christian family.
meets a young bread and salt.Wedding loaf is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.Get it or bake their own.Loaf put on the towel - a towel with a special ornament.Invite the young in turn bite of a loaf, who took a big, he will be a leader in the family.Then the couple should dip slices in a loaf of salt and treat each other.So they "salt to each other, so that later marriage does not salting.Walk around the rest of the guests arrived and Treat Wedding Caravan.It will begin welcoming the newly created semi.Podnesite young drink to wash down the salt caravan.After the bride and groom drink, they should break their glasses for good luck, throwing them over his left shoulder.You can not drink it to the bottom, but only a sip, spilling the remains of the people.
After refreshments loaf and invite young visitors to the house.Gather rose petals or confetti and ask guests showered the newlyweds on their doorstep.You can arrange the newlyweds a happy competition, but a test should not be prolonged.Remember that the new husband has passed ceremony of redemption nevesty.Mozhno spend the next ritual: on the threshold put lock and groom lifting bride in his arms, stepping over him.Castle, close, and throw away the key out of the window - this means that a bachelor life is finished forever.
befriended the young and the guests at the table.Be sure to put the champagne on the table.Prepare some snacks, offer guests a fruit and sweets.Food should not be abundant, because the wedding celebration will continue in a restaurant.It is better if the table will be served in the form of a buffet.Raise a toast to the young, congratulate them and offer congratulations to the guests.Feast should not last long.Remember that all instructions and congratulatory speeches you can speak during a wedding feast in restorane.Esli suddenly something went wrong, as planned, do not get lost and do not worry.Key to successful holiday - a good mood and sincere love of the newlyweds, not adherence to the script and traditions.