According to tradition, Christ after his resurrection was to the apostles during the meal.For him always left an empty seat at the table and bread.Over time, there was a religious tradition on the day of the Resurrection of the divine to bring bread to the church and leave it on a table.Then it was called by the Greek word "Artos".The upper part of Artos decorated cross, which symbolizes Jesus' victory over death.

whole Bright Week artos worn around the temple during a religious procession.On Saturday, on the eve of bread was divided into pieces and distributed to parishioners after the early service.Gradually, a new tradition has passed in the house, but the faithful necessarily sanctify their Easter cakes in th
e temple.Cylindrical explained by way of the pie round shape of the shroud of Jesus Christ.From this matter, and the new name of "cake", which in Spanish means kulich "round bread".It is more familiar to the Russian ear the word comes from the Greek kollikion.The same name is used in many other countries, such as France (koulitch).

exhibited in the day of Easter cake on the table, Christians pay homage to the sacrifice of Christ, and the bread symbolizes the presence of Jesus in their home.There are several take associated with this paschal meal.For example, it is believed that if the cake was a success, in the family the whole year will be happiness and prosperity.Today, many people buy this bread, but more important to cook it yourself, filling your home with warm aroma of baking, adjusts to the blessed way.

To prepare the cake using pastry.The roots of this fact also to be found in ancient legends.It is believed that prior to his resurrection, the Lord and his disciples ate unleavened bread, and after him - leavened.Hence the tradition lived to this day.

in bright modern cakes add the raisins, and decorate the top of the sweet white frosting whipped egg whites, sprinkle with decorative grit or wafer image with Easter symbolism.Cut the cake should not be vertical, but horizontal circle.If the cake is very high, then the top of the left finally, closing its remaining bread.Cake - the main symbol of the holiday, also paint eggs and cook the curd Easter.In addition to following a religious ritual, these dishes are perfect for the body after a long Lent.