Monday, the first day of Maslenitsa is called the meeting.In the old days, in the day to start preparing for joyful occasions - built ice slides, castles, constructed swing, made a straw man - a symbol of Maslenitsa.You can do the same thing around the house.Schedule your visits a week and visits to you, determine the composition of the guests.A revision in the kitchen - everything is there to cook pancakes.Purchase required.This day is already possible to bake pancakes.By the way, the ancestors of the first pancake is always meant the deceased relatives and given to the poor.
second day of Maslenitsa - Zaigrysh.Most Shrovetide rituals boiled down to this day courtship.On this day, the young people went to the bride, choose their brides and grooms.Invite you and your second half - potential or real -
somewhere to eat at a pancake, go to the mountains.
Wednesday was gourmet - covered that day tables and went to his mother on pancakes.Do not break tradition.Perhaps that day, eating delicious pancakes, you will be inspired to each other in high esteem, and family feeling.
Thursday - roam.Although this day Shrove many names - fracture, Wide, binge Thursday of upheaval.Starts Broad Maslenitsa - festivities to the fullest.Gather friends for a holiday outdoors, arrange a comic fist fight, taking you constructed earlier snow forts, competition, finally noisy trampling home.Throw all negative, accumulated over the winter.
Friday - Teschin Vecherko.On this day, a visit to a return visit in-law mother-in-law comes.Do not forget to invite relatives to dinner.Prepare a meal - napekite pancakes, consider a variety of fillings.Demonstrate their position to each other.
Saturday - Zolovkina gatherings - the bride put on the table for her husband's relatives.Prepare gift for sister in law - it also requires a tradition.
Seeing, or Shrove Tuesday - the last day of Maslenitsa.On the last day before Lent ask each other's forgiveness for all the wrongs, remember deceased relatives.Take a ritual farewell to the Carnival: it invite your friends out of town, to the country, have built an effigy - a symbol of winter and burn it.Jump over the fire with caution.Clean Monday, which begins Lent - the time of purification from sins and evil thoughts.Go this day in the bath, or at least take a bath "with meaning."