Have fun at work.The staff and bosses - the perfect target for practical jokes the first of April.For example, print out the order of dismissal and put it in a prominent place (so that someone noticed it by accident).Or do the opposite option - write a letter of resignation on their own department and all ranks go to the office of the chief.The main thing is to laugh and keep a straight face.
Come to work half an hour earlier and on computers pokolduyte colleagues.Put obscene pictures on the screen saver, change the settings of the mouse and swap the functions of its buttons.Once you're done, run away from the office and come back with the others, in order not to be suspected of the crime.
play a trick on their neighbors.People living on the same landing
, are unlikely to expect a dirty trick on you, especially in the morning.Get up early, grab the rope and tie together all the doors.Firmly tie a rope to the door handle and not cutting, pull to the next.Then take a seat at the eye and watch the amazement of not opening doors.
Act out a loved one.For girls fit options references during working hours SMS with the text "Well, where are you?Come soon, while her husband did not come back! "Or jokes with a pregnancy test.Take it out of the packaging and red felt-tip draw two clear strips.Surprise man you provided.
Guys can make fun of the girls follows.Go to a cafe or restaurant, quiet dinner.Once your lady leaves the visibility podzovite waiter and paid the bill.When it is pretend to forget the money and after a few minutes of thought offer to run until you bring the account.