Money, of course, comfortable and, most importantly, the right gift.However, it is absolutely devoid of romance and not remain in memory for a long time.The relatives are invited to the wedding, originality is usually not configured, they are more worried about the acquisition of the necessary domestic honeymoon gifts.They usually are arranging in advance with the parents of the newlyweds on the need to purchase for a young family of essential goods for living.
At the wedding, the originality of expression peculiar to friends of the bride and groom.Buy expensive luggage for the honeymoon.Even if the couple not planning a honeymoon, suitcases need them for other trips.You can extend the newlyweds happiness, presenting them
with a double certificate for Thai massage, or a certificate to perform a romantic trip, such as a secluded island.Give them an annual subscription to the salon, swimming pool and fitness club.Do not forget to pre-curious young about their preferences.The romantic mood of a new family can be extended by presenting an original gift at a wedding gift in the form of a friendly cartoon on the newlyweds, who made a professional artist in the comic style or donate a pair of large white doves.
Remember that not only can be an original gift.The method of donation can also be turned into a theatrical performance with the original congratulatory speech composed in verse.To do this, combined with other friends and family, consider the scenario and treat the newlyweds and guests.Fit the small clip, which was before the wedding the bride and groom, as the fate of the two lived, and suddenly they were merged into one, and the result was a wedding.If the opportunity for such a statement is not, armed with a camera on the street ask ordinary people, friends and relatives said on camera a few kind words to the wishes and congratulations to the newly made spouses.And this video show the young directly to triumph through the projector.