custom painted eggs arose in paganism when they were painted in an ardent (red) color in honor of the Sun-Yarily and organically transformed into "Chetvergova dyeing."Our ancestors painted eggs in onion skins, birch leaf, ink and rags.Now the possibility of painting greatly expanded by modern dyes.
Before painting eggs must be prepared so that they are not cracked and maintained their form to remove from the refrigerator and let them warm up to room temperature.After warm the eggs, they must be put in the salt water for an hour, and then in the same water to boil.After painting egg to dry and polish with a dry cloth.In Russia, it was decided to grease the egg sunflower oil, it gave them a magnificent shine.
dyeing process: The onion skins
prepare a decoction of onion peel and let it brew, add it to the salt water, which were soaked eggs , bring to a boil, cook for an average of ten minutes.Depending on the length of color, eggs take color from pale orange to almost black.
in birch leaves
prepare a decoction of the leaves of young birch, add it to the salted water and bring to boil.Typically, the egg tied birch leaf, thread crosswise, creating a pattern.Birch broth gives eggs m beautiful yellow color.
The ink
Eggs tie thread and wrap in a cloth.With a wooden stick on top of the cloth cause the ink, and then lower the eggs in cold salted water and bring to a boil and cook for ten minutes.
to shreds
tend to use pruning shedding silk fabric.Eggs wrapped in patterned paper and together with scraps of colored cloth boil about fifteen minutes.
in vegetable juice
already boiled eggs grate carrot, beetroot, cabbage or nettle juice.Polishing cloth and rub with oil.Red cabbage give saturated blue, beets or blueberries - red, spinach and nettles - green, carrots and turmeric - yellow.
painted eggs called "Krashenki", but painted - "Eggs."
painted eggs
thin brushes and acrylic paints, they do not leak and are not afraid of moisture.Besides these Easter eggs do not need to varnish.These eggs I paint seldom, as a rule, masters use wood or plastic mold base, but at home with the kids, of course, you can practice on the egg.
In the old painted only raw eggs , and each drawn element coated with wax.Eggs become "open-work" and not brittle.If you
traditionalist, then painting using thick paint on any aqueous or oily base and cover design can not only wax, but also a warm paraffin.