original decision will refer to the names of famous novels or novellas.It will be more interesting if the couple are related to philology, teaching, journalism or just love to read Russian and foreign classics.For example, a wedding album can be called "A Moveable Feast", "End of loneliness," "What Dreams May Come."There is a literary name reflects the turmoil of this solemn day - "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro."
By the same analogy, you can call the album a favorite phrase from the movie, the song.For example, "I love you to tears", "Happiness is!", "I'll give you love," "Eternal Love", "Can not get away - fall in love and get married," etc.If your photo album is intended as a humorous story or dialogue lovers newlyweds, you can call
him a famous phrase from the movie of the wedding: "What am I to you so love?ยป
Try also to play with all the well-known phrase: "Wedding - a delicate matter, "" Marry me, if you dare "," Fata and doves ", etc.And as the title clearly will sound the most memorable remark someone from spouses or guests, that one or more times sounded throughout the celebration.
can choose more "technically" name lies the idea that the sequence of instructions.For example, "The Wedding, or where it is necessary to invest", "exchange rings: report from the scene", "ideal marriage (marriage)", "It is easy to change the name," "The Secret of Happiness: A Handbook for Beginners."Possible names you can think of, based on the idea to create a story, a story with some digression.These names usually begin with words like.For example, "How do we become a family."