you need
  • - a gift,
  • - festive decorations,
  • - delicious meals.
waking up in your day of birth , your princess can be seen in front of the eyes of a beautiful bouquet and a gift card with touching verse.Neither one nor the other is not difficult to do: you probably know very well what my daughter loves flowers and interesting poems can be found on the Internet.
When will my daughter to you - let it fall into the magic kingdom.Girls of all ages are princesses - hang around the apartment festive tinsel, arrange flowers, Dochkin photos of various ages, favorite breakfast igrushki.Z
a will let congratulations on such a day, you can afford a little bit of champagne in the morning and say a festive toast on the table, put her favorite dishes.If you want to give gifts to start in the morning - it might be small, but dear to the heart, nice souvenirs.In advance to find out that your daughter would like as a gift, for attentive parents an easy task.
After initial greetings, you can call the closest relatives and go on a picnic.Stock up on blankets, delicious food, you can cook barbecue, get some air.If your daughter loves to play on the air - and give it to all those present the opportunity to play and be pampered at prirode.Ili can prepare and organize a "treasure hunting."Prepare the card, cut it into pieces, place them in a clearing - and warn satellites that "treasure" is to find exactly the heroine of the day."Treasure" and the following may be present, and the largest and most beautiful mushroom.Preferences daughter and you know for sure you will be interesting and pleasant to organize a picnic.
evening - the main part of the celebration.Let this festive evening will be a carnival, theme parties.Guests can convene through beautiful invitation, which will be specified topic prazdnika.Posle tasty table will start dancing till you drop.Think about how to dilute them beautiful and interesting breaks.For example, you can invite the actress who will play the role of a fortune-teller, and will do only good and positive predictions.Or you could invite the actor who will play with the guests charade.