Let Christmas be truly a family holiday.Try to spend the day with family, paying attention to every household - play together in fun games and be sure to talk to your children.Let the magic of this wonderful day will penetrate into your soul, and even if you do not want to raise religious issues, discuss some ethical problems and issues.Do not think that children are small for such conversations - to conduct this kind of conversation can be even 2-3 yrs, of course, understands the language of babies.Also tell the child what the Christmas holiday and how it is celebrated in different countries.If you do not want the baby to attach to religion, post information like a fairy tale, in any case, the extra knowledge it will not be denied.
Take time not only for children but also for adult family members (partners and relatives).Try to keep the magic of the holiday did not violate the quarrel, often smiling at each other and try to do something nice.You can prepare for all the small gifts.
Remember tradition and invite guests godparents (godparents), or head to the guests themselves.Traditionally godchildren are his godfather kutyu (Christmas pudding with raisins), and if you decide to stick to traditions, is just great.And if not - replace kutyu fruit, cake or some festive dish.
If the weather allows, be sure to go outside.Snowballs, sled, skis or skates - choose what you and your family closer.Invite friends to a family with kids - it will be an excellent occasion to see and have fun.Only there is one condition - do try to briefly return to childhood.And then you are guaranteed a good mood and a sense of celebration.
Christmas - is the best time to do good.What can be done in one single family?Hang with children bird feeders, collect toys and things for families in need, make gifts for grandparents and be sure to go to visit them (if not today, then in the near future).
Read the whole family Christmas fairy stories or watch a good movie.Let the part of the festival will take place not in the hustle and bustle, and a peaceful pastime, allowing you to enjoy each other's company.
Prepare now Christmas treat.According to tradition, on the evening of January 6 table must be 12 meatless dishes, and the next day there are all permitted, including fish and meat.If you do not practice the traditions, not scary.Put everything on the table that will delight you and your family.It can be a variety of salads, hot dishes and pastries.