you need
  • - onion peel
  • - food coloring
  • - gauze
  • - colored threads
  • - colored scraps of cloth
  • - natural dyes: beets, blueberries, carrots
  • - Zelenka
traditional method of painting eggs - using onion peel.Remove the husks from the shelf or killogramm onion and cook it in two liters of water for half an hour.Then cool the resulting red-brown broth and drop it eggs .Boil them in onion skins to the water boils and five - ten minutes.The lon
ger the cooking time, the darker the color of Easter testicles.Alternatively, eggs can tie gauze and dipped in onion peel, then Krashenki are obtained with a marble effect.Also, try to decorate the egg to attach to the little leaf parsley and wrap it with gauze.After cooking, when deploy egg, it will NOT, white imprint of a leaf.
If you want colored eggs turned colorful, try to paint them in the following manner.Wrap the egg with colored threads or colorful scraps of fabric, which is well shed.Boil in water with a small amount of baking soda for 10 minutes.Then pat dry and remove Krashenki faded or thread scraps.
in grocery stores and supermarkets close to the Easter selling a variety of kits for dyeing eggs at home.Take advantage of them.Follow the instructions on the package, and thus add to the water for cooking the food a little vinegar.If you buy a shoplifting colorants you do not want or can not, use of improvised substitutes.For example, green paint, beetroot or carrot juice, decoction of dried or fresh frozen blueberries, and so on.