Make a list vacation lev, because of the number of participants on a picnic nature will depend on the cost of the meeting.Maybe someone wants to go with the kids, and it is also necessary to know in advance to provide that with a take and where to go.Agree, a picnic on the riverbank only male staff or among colleagues is significantly different from a family vacation well.
The next thing you should consider - how will you get to your destination, especially if traveling vacation amb big company.Will it be a public transportation or you go on vacation bikes (to enhance the feeling of romance tourism), corporate bus from the organization or private ca
rs some of vacation lev.You have to foresee the various possibilities to move the group.When negotiating with third parties, Speak clearly departure time, and time of return, payment.Take the phone number is not only the head of the organization of transport, and the driver - it will quickly find their way in the event of an emergency.
Power - that the third step the organization vacation and on nature .Plan what you will eat: kebabs, sandwiches, soup, or cook on the fire.Make estimates for the purchase of products or divide it among the participants, who will bring.If the company will have children, keep in mind that not everyone is bold barbecue will be enjoyed and contemplate alternative food (pasta, cooked in a pot, or some porridge).
Think about what you do during the rest as: play ball, a competition for the skill to kindle a fire and put up a tent or just be singing songs around the campfire.Bring props necessary to diversify rest and take into account the desire of each participant picnic.If you bring children, you can go with them on a fishing trip - so it will be interesting to catch fish and to consider its close, and then boast of their catch.Rest on the shore of a river or lake, where there is a beach, align with the contest for the best drawing in the sand or the funniest piece of natural materials.
If you decide to arrange a vacation on nature winter, make sure that everyone was dressed warmly.Consider a program in which people could move actively to keep warm: driving with sledges in the mountains, ski run, play soccer in the snow or in the snow.And sausages over a fire and hot mulled wine fill every cell of the body to sunlight.