you need
  • - money;
  • - Bank / decorative chest;
  • - photo album;
  • - stem roses.
If the couple does not warn you that you can deliver the gift on the house that has long been practiced in many countries, make sure that it is beautiful to give.Of course, always appropriate original and exclusive gift, delivered, for example, cheerful clowns.It is important to precisely specify the time of delivery to the couple to fully enjoy your ingenuity.
Most of the newlyweds and guests prefer gifts in the form of banknotes.But this does not mean giving money, seal them in envelopes, even decorated in a colorful postcard.Many companies, for example, offer to give "a bunch of candy."The principle is to wrap chocolates banknotes in the form of a flower bouquet.The dign
ity of bills depends on the financial capacity of the donor.Gift gives a very original and interesting.
very effectively looks "monetary Rose".Make it easy.You will need a stem of roses.The upper part is made twisted and wrapped around the stem bills enshrined ordinary eraser.
Give the newlyweds "with a jug savings."This can be either an ordinary bank, or a decorative box, or a small gift bag, etc.Bank can be rolled up by all the rules of conservation, referring to the first "nest egg."To it can be fun to make original wish.Of course, the "money-box" better to fill as closely as possible, which should consider the dignity of bills and its volume.
Beat the awarding of monetary gifts, original filling out an ordinary sheet of drawing paper.Twist it as some "old maps" or "messages out of the bottle."On his numerous pockets stick with the target name of the use of funds: at the apartment, on vacation, a car, etc.This idea can be put into the album with funny comments and suggestions.
Surprise newlyweds.Give them, for example, fireworks on their celebration.In this case, it is important to think over the time of delivery of this gift.Call Suite to the door of the room where the banquet that they receive your gift.They probably remembered minute of colorful fireworks.