Tip 1: How to learn to focus cards

Miracles like it!Card tricks - effective way to entertain guests or entertain children.Who does not want a short time to become a magician.Learn a few simple tricks, you can impress your audience with their telepathic abilities.
you need
  • - a deck of 36 cards
¬ęGuessing cards" - quite a simple trick, with which you will be able to name the card.These two people will choose cards from the deck.

You will need a deck of cards labeled by Latin letters.To illustrate this focus, divide the deck into two types of cards: one must consist of cards with numbers or letters with a flat or sharp top (Ace (A), King (K), Jack (J), 3, 4, 5, 7,and the second - of the cards with numbers or letters with a round crown (queen (Q), 2, 6, 8, 9, 10. After working out, you can sort the cards quickly, just in front of the audience.
Call and two volunteers, divided into two deckof the different types, let each one of the pieces. Ask each of the two participants in the focus pulled a card from the deck of
another. Now, each assistant should take a look at the map, he chose to show it to the audience and to remember. You are at this time canlook away or blink. Then, each participant has to put the selected card in their half of the deck and mix cards.

ask the assistant to spread out on the table face up card of their halves of the deck. You can easily guess the card selected assistants, because they will be a different type.
next focus is built on arithmetic.Note the number 27 - you'll need it.Then ask the audience to take the cards and shuffle them, choose a card and put it on top of the deck.Then ask to remove any number of cards and count them, let's say, 15 cards.Then let the viewer will count the number of red cards among them, for example, 6. Next, let him take the second part of the deck, and turning the face up, count down and remember the six black card.Then, the viewer has to put this part of the deck on the cards that he took off at the beginning and all the cards have to give you.The deck is turned face down, and you post one card from the bottom, mentally counting the black card, 27-15 = 12 - the twelfth card is that the card chosen by the spectator.
Another simple, but very effective trick.

Shuffle the deck and remember the bottom or the top card, for example, the ace of diamonds.Ask any audience to give you from the deck ace of diamonds.The spectator pulls any card from the deck and, without looking at it, gives it to you.For example, the queen of hearts.Ask the same audience to pull out of the deck queen of hearts, the viewer will draw another card and then give it to you.For example, he pulled out a 6 of clubs.Then you say, "Now I'll get 6 of Clubs from the deck itself," then quietly take from the deck of the map that you remember at the beginning of the focus.Now you have on hand all 3 announcement card: the ace of diamonds, queen of hearts and 6 of clubs.Show the cards to the audience.

Tip 2: How to learn to do tricks on maps

At the next family celebration you have in mind to surprise the guests and relatives own "a spectacular show"?A better option than to learn a few card tricks you will not find.To show tricks , no special, technically sophisticated equipment.All that is required - a deck of cards, manual dexterity and your personal charm.
you need
  • - a deck of cards;
  • - table;
  • - volunteers;
  • - daily workout;
Consult your experienced magicians.In many cities there are special schools for people who want to learn the secrets of tricks, including card.Education is usually paid, but if you really learn some spectacular tricks, you'll quickly be able to return the money spent on training, showing tricks on the street or on some festivities.
Purchase books written by renowned magicians.You can start with the publications for children.For example, use the book famous illusionist Igor Kio.In his book describes in detail the secrets of the most simple card trick that even a child is able to master.
See magicians performances on video.You will be able to stop and slow down the film, considering in detail the work of the hands of a magician performing.You may be able to unravel the secret of the focus in this way.
Use distraction techniques during the show focus.For the magician this technique is to repeat the magic words.Come up with your own magic spell and repeat it loudly and expressively in the most crucial moment because you will need to divert the attention of the audience.You can also use jokes.While the audience will laugh, you can easily change one card to another.To distract the audience, asking them to count out loud, for example, 10 to 0, as long as you do your "magic action".
Teach easiest trick "Guess 1 card from the 5".To do this, take a deck of cards and four volunteers.Put them at the table, give each five cards.Let each of them will conjecture a card of five, are in their hands.
Collect all the cards clockwise.It is important to comply with this condition, but do it so that the participants of the focus and the audience does not notice that your manipulation.To do this, use distraction techniques that we described above (ask the participants to consider, say "magic" words, etc.).
collected clockwise cards again lay ahead for five stacks.Ask one participant to choose one pile.Expand the selected card "fan" and keep facing the audience.Ask if any of the cards the one put forth by that member.If he says no - take the next stack.
When the party say that they selected card is among those that you have in your hands - you can easily guess it.If the participant is sitting fourth at the table (clockwise), so his card - the fourth.No one but you in the audience does not know the secret of this competition, so your job is to behave in the most confident and do not give the participants noted "the randomness of" how do you collect cards from the table.
sure to train before the mirror.You must be a hundred percent sure that your focus can not solve, watching your hands.
To do this, the work of the hand, burn themselves on camera, then view the video.Or ask for help friends.
Helpful Hint
Select costume of showing tricks.Bright costume, hat unusual, mystical music will help you create the right atmosphere in the room.Contestants will be under the impression that they will be harder to follow the game of your hands.
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