In celebration of the Holy Trinity mixed pagan and Orthodox traditions.The believers on Sunday morning be sure to go to church with a bouquet of fragrant herbs, delicate birch and apple twigs.Their priest sprinkles holy water, dressed in green clothing.The floor of the temple and spread them in the houses of cut grass and flowers.

on the table that day, too, a lot of greens, a variety of salads, pies and gingerbread - a symbol of the sun.In the ancient Slavic narodtse celebrated meeting held in the spring and summer: it was then that there was a tradition to go to the cemetery and the graves Neaten birch branches to placate and appease the spirits of dead ancestors.It was believed that on this day the branch of the tree acquire a special healing power.Only from this day allowed to break the brooms for a bath and swim in the open water.
Herbs, consecrated in the church, and to this day, decided to dry and carefully stored until next year.They are used only in extreme cases, for example in the treatment of serious illnesses.

celebrates the feast of the Holy Trinity in nature.Spread out on the grass green tablecloths, specially prepared for the holiday, loaves decorated with flowers.If they do not eat, and then prepare them crackers and stored before the wedding the young, and then, fortunately, is added when mixing in the wedding cake.Girls instigate games and fortune-telling: throw a spoon in a birch tree to find out which one of them will get married first;light bonfires and jump over the fire, boating, lavishly decorated with greenery.For guessing the Trinity decided to weave wreaths and throw them into the water, watching as they behave themselves - sink - to the distress and death of loved ones, zavertitsya in place - to discord and strife in the family, float and be successful - to the forthcoming marriage.Some of the girls gave her lover a wreath as a sign of consent to a quick wedding.

Many traditions disappear, but now people on the day of the Holy Trinity go out of town, arrange holidays and special initiatives organize costumed celebrations.