Consider a taste of who is present.You agree that the purses for the child and the businessman will be quite different in appearance and functionality.Now you can buy a wallet for every taste and budget.For young people fit Velcro wallets, chains, with unusual prints.A respectable man will appreciate the quality of paper money clip or purse with pockets for cards and business cards.Look to purse was functional specify which currency will be stored there.Wallet size for rubles, dollars and euros, as a rule, different.Well, when the wallet several compartments - for coins and bills.
Pay attention to the material from which made t
he purse, and color.Respectable people in order to maintain the image, select purses of leather or suede with embossed or rhinestones.And if the budget for the present small suit purse of cloth or leatherette.At whatever material you are staying, prefer wallet earth tones or metal.The best color for a purse - it's brown, black, yellow, silver and gold.According to Feng Shui in such wallets will always be driven money.Avoid blue, blue, green for the Coin and barsetok because data Kohler associated with water, which can leak and carry with them all the wealth.
If you give a woman the purse, look at the size of her handbag.Under the rules of Feng Shui, more spacious than a wallet, the more money there.However, if a small bag ladies, the huge purse she just useless.Women's purse, as a rule, to be stylish and fashionable, it's a kind of accessories and jewelry.You can choose models that combine a wallet and makeup.
Remember that purse is not accepted to give empty!Put it in the bill and some coins that will serve as a good wish of wealth to whom you are making a present.
If it's time to change the wallet, and no one gives, buy it for yourself.To do this, give the seller when buying a large bill, and ask them to put the change into the new wallet.It is necessary to have always been prosperity.At that moment, when the seller is going to invest money in your wallet, mentally say, "caught a coin big and small!ยป