you need
  • - needle - 1 pc;
  • - plaster - 10 cm;
  • - raw egg - 1 pc.
Take a raw egg , gently wash it with detergent under running water.Egg towel wipe dry or leave on their own.
Take a saucer, which will drain white and yolk of the egg.Carefully take the needle, it can be a very thin and large diameter.To pierce the shell suit and the usual awl.Pick up the egg .With the tapered side of the eggs make a hole with a needle, repeat the same procedure on the opposite side of the egg, making a hole somewhat larger than the previous.
Apply lip to the hole and slowly cooked in liquid Blow for this dish.If the hole turned out too small, then the process will be delayed for a long time blowing.In this case, just take over and e
xpand the needle hole in the shell on both sides.
When the entire contents of the eggs will be in the plate, rinse the egg inside a thin stream of water or using a syringe with water.Rinse the shell until until we make sure that within a clean and there is the possibility of reproduction of microorganisms is negligible.After washing, leave the shell to dry for several hours.And of the remaining egg in a dish you can cook an omelet, scrambled eggs or a cosmetic mask.
Once the egg shell is dry, take the patch, cut 4 equal strips and tightly glue two on each hole.Glue the patch crosswise to the hole I could not get air, paint.And the basis for the craft is ready!