Tip 1: Where a walk with a girl in Moscow

In Moscow, there are plenty of interesting places to walk with your loved one.It's nice to spend time with the girl, visit one of the parks or boulevards of Moscow.Many romantic places and each of them has its own charm and appeal.

Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya

wonderful views of the Moskva River, you can enjoy with the girl when stroll along the promenade, which is located near the Swamp area and Luzhkov bridge.This place brings lovers romantic mood and allows you to escape from the bustle of the city.

Crimean bridge

Crimean bridge can be called a hallmark of the capital.If you look at it from a distance, it may seem that it is very easy and virtually weightless and floats above the Moscow River.It is located near the Crimean area near Park Kultury metro.

Arts Park "MuseonĀ»

For lovers of cultural activities and initiation to the art is always open park "Museon", which is a modern open-air exhibition.Here you can see the creation of foreign and domestic artists, made of stone, wood, metal.Besides int
elligent walking, you can visit with the girl open-air cinema, where sessions are held every day.
Park is located on the Crimean shaft, Metro Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury.

Boulevard Ring Boulevard Ring

, which represents 10 connected boulevards, ideal for long walks with the girl.It may be called the historical center of Moscow.Contrary to the name of this place boulevards are interrupted in the west at the area Prechistenskie gate, and in the east - from the Greater Ustinsky bridge, the length of the boulevard is 9 km away.It is believed that this is the Boulevard Ring is a monument of landscape gardening art.

Borisov pond

Pond, located on the river Gorodnya, logs in Tsaritsynsky ponds and is located in the park Tsaritsyno.It is the largest pond in Moscow, as well as a place for recreation, swimming and boating.The proximity to nature and still water creates a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for meeting with the girl.
Pond is close to the subway Borisov.

North River Terminal

One of the symbols of the capital and a monument of Stalinist architecture located near the Khimki Reservoir.The building, built in Soviet times, it looks like a ship on the terrace is a fountain "South" and "North".They symbolize the two major areas of water for the capital.
North River Terminal is located at Leningrad Highway 51, m. Riverport.

Tip 2: Where to go, what to see in Moscow

Moscow - the heart of Russia.This is where the business and cultural life of the country.Entertainment, recreation and tourism, historical and commercial centers, restaurants, clubs - the city is replete with options and a program of entertainment.
Where to go, what to see in Moscow
Start your acquaintance with the capital traditionally - take a walk, visit the Kremlin and Red Square.This is the most important sights of Moscow.On the territory of the Kremlin are famous museums: the Diamond Fund and the Armory.In the Church of the Twelve Apostles, and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower is the biggest gun in the world.In the eastern wall of the bell tower you can see the Tsar Bell.It weighs more than 200 tons.Be sure to see the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin, which is on the Red Square.It is also called St. Basil's Cathedral.In the years 1555-1561 this building ordered the construction of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan.Near the Kremlin is the temple of Christ the Savior.Be sure to check out his tragic story.If you are a believer, made a pilgrimage to the Pokrovsky nunnery.There are relics of St. Matrona.This Orthodox saint was blind from birth and had the gift of foresight and healing.To her the relics of a saint has not dried up stream of people, as many believe in their healing silu.Moskva famous for its long history, so here you will find a lot of monuments and obelisks dedicated to famous people.Keepers are stories and architectural monuments and buildings of the capital: the House of Mazepa, Gostiny Dvor, Pashkov House, and others.Visit Moscow museum-reserve "Tsaritsyno".It belongs to the cultural monuments of XVIII-XIX centuries.Look at the big palace built by Catherine the Great in the style of pseudo (architect - V. Bazhenov).If the weather is good, walk through the majestic avenues Tsaritsyno park.There you can see the romantic grottoes, bridges and gazebos.Embark on a thematic tour and discover, for example, "Bulgakov's Moscow" or "mystical Moscow."Such excursions abound in the capital.Use the opportunity to visit one of the largest museums in the world - the Tretyakov Gallery.There you will get acquainted with the work of artists whose paintings are considered the real pride of Russian fine art.Take a walk in a Moscow park.Many of them (such as the Museum "Kolomenskoye Estate") have the opportunity not only to relax in nature, but also see interesting architectural ansambli.Lyubiteli fairs, exhibitions and fine arts can visit the "Expo Center", "Crocus Expo"in the Museum of Fine Arts.Pushkin or at ENEA.The exhibition presents works of art of various styles and directions.Interesting and exhibitions, for example, on the topic kosmosa.Vy can also go to a music concert, these events take place in Moscow regularly.In the capital's cinemas to your attention will be offered to view the new products of films and theaters of the capital, for sure you will be pleased with another interesting performances and a great game of famous actors.Holidays with children, go to the Moscow Zoo or Fantasy Park.The latter offers a wide range of attractions and entertainment.Rest in a park will be enjoyed and the beauty of the surrounding area vzroslym.Nasladitsya capital can take a trip on the Moscow estate.There you can relax with the whole family on the nature, participate in a guided tour and learn the history of these places.
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