classic decoration for glasses - the illusion of snow.It looks best on the champagne glasses or wide square for scotch whiskey or cocktail.Pour into a dish liquid honey and gently dip the edge of glasses in it.Then dip "honey" in a shallow rim sugar.Traditionally, the "snow" decoration - white, but the effect can purchase colorful sugar.This method is suitable for sweet beverage such as champagne.If you want a similar way to decorate a glass of whiskey or tequila, dip edge of the glass is not honey.and water, and then fine salt.On the
edge of the glass put a slice of lemon.
purchased at a paint store on the glass, usually with her cans sold before Christmas in the departments of home accessories.This paint you can draw any patterns on glasses, such as snowflakes or spiral downward from the edge to the leg of Fougeres.In children under the glasses of champagne can be drawn snowman.
Take a transparent nail polish and sequins.Take a few random strokes paint on glass and sprinkle it sparkles.The main thing - do not approach the top of the glass, which will touch the lips of man.Alternatively, it is possible in this way to decorate only the legs and stand stemware.Another option - instead of sequin lace.You can wrap a thin strip of glass in a downward diagonal, and attaching lace to the glass varnish.
Buy a narrow satin ribbon of the same color, such as dark blue, red, silver or gold.Tie them on the legs of glasses of champagne, the ends of issue in a lush bow.This design looks very elegant and smart, especially if the colors are in harmony with the color of ribbons tablecloths or napkins.
If your glasses wide bottom, and they are without feet, attach the bottom on the outside of the transparent double-sided tape on some brilliant figure, such as a star or snegovichka foil.You can write your wishes on the beautiful curved pieces of paper and glue them to the bottom of that person to drink to the bottom of the glass, he could read what was waiting for him in the new year .