In Britain Christmas - a great family holiday.All come under the roof of the family home to the twenty-fifth of December give gifts, consider the family albums and eat traditional food.The most important Christmas dish is turkey.It is served with sauce from gooseberry.The main festive dessert - a special cake (Pudding), which put the various decorative objects.These little things are predicting the fate of the next year or so, who would get.Coin, for example, means the richness, horseshoe - good luck, and a ring - a wedding.Houses in England for Christmas decorated with holly and mistletoe, if a man and woman are under the mistletoe, they are obliged to kiss.
Greece, although it is an Orthodox country, Christmas is celebrated with Europe, the twenty-fifth of December.
This is one of the favorite holidays of the country.It is celebrated with the whole family.At a gala table put the fruits of the earth.Usually this fruit, figs, nuts ... But the main dish, as in England, is considered to be a turkey.Even in Greece advance stocking sweets - cookies kurabe, honey biscuits, sweets and candied fruits that their aroma teased adults and children.
In Italy and New Year, Christmas and recognized the most delicious days.Families gather, exchange gifts, and remember the funny family stories.Italian table decorated with fish dishes, ravioli and cake Milan.On the tables a lot of fish dishes, especially in the southern regions of Italy.Believers Italians attend the Christmas Mass in the cathedral, the Pope conducts mass at the main cathedral of the Vatican City.On Christmas Eve, the city hosts the traditional pageants called crib.Actually nativity scene represents the cave.The view displays the miracle of the appearance of the Christ child.These performances are in schools and churches, and even in the streets.
For Finnish Christmas - without a doubt the most important holiday.To prepare for it in advance - decorate the house, cleaned and buy gifts.Christmas season is starting in the first five Sundays prior to Christmas.On the streets, in shops and public places are set Christmas decorations, concerts.Before Christmas Eve in homes put Christmas trees, lit candles for them.On the streets put the sheaves for the birds.On Christmas Eve, families gather, visit cemeteries, the graves of loved ones by lighting a candle high.Some families in five in the evening go to worship, others are watching it on TV.