Christmas for some people - almost the only day in the year when they can collect all their relatives at the same banquet table.If you rarely see their relatives due to any circumstances, use the occasion to gather the family in Christmas , making a total holiday family tradition.Indeed, in this magical night descends on the earth God's grace, all disputes and disagreements should be settled and forgotten to nothing clouded sense of wonder.Relatives can come to you with their treats, so you do not so tedious it was to prepare the festive table.
Christmas - it's also a children's holiday.Noting his home with the childr
en, we can advance together with them to prepare the decorations for the holiday table for the living room as a whole.Cut out of colored paper snowflakes and figurines of angels, decorate their room.Enable children to listen to Christmas music, for example, the adagio from the opera "The Nutcracker" Tchaikovsky.This "training" Christmas will fill the child a sense of solemnity and magic of the upcoming holiday.Be sure to tell the children the story of the origin of the holy day.Many of today's children do not really understand what is celebrated in honor of their family Christmas .Blindly with children on the eve of the magic of the night figurines of angels from salt dough, paint the them and hang on the Christmas tree.Children will be very interesting to give themselves all the guests on Christmas Eve homemade souvenirs.
Attribute Christmas night - dressed fir.And bring a sense of celebration was living tree - fragrant and prickly.Spruce decorated with colorful balloons and toys.If you can not put in an apartment living spruce, you can do fir twigs or artificial elochkoy.Raznoobrazyat family holiday fun games, presentations, arranged by children or adults.Beginning with Christmas night, you can guess.Gad, at the wax on the burning paper, coffee grounds.In Christmas entertaining and fun to the whole family to tell fortunes for the coming year.
In conclusion, it should be said about the food, which are considered traditional for the Christmas table.Since the night before the religious people observe a strict fast, the feast ending it should be celebrated with abundant dishes on the table.To no one is left hungry, we have to take care of a variety of different snacks.By Christmas viands include a variety of salads, soup, pies, cakes, rolls, meat jelly, jelly and others. The main dish Christmas table - roast turkey or goose.For dessert perfect big cream cake.
Family Holiday Christmas night should be quiet, calm.Avoid an abundance of spirits.It is a holiday of kindness, understanding, peace and wonder.Happiness to you and your loved ones.