If you want unusual congratulate newlyweds , hand them a box with eggs made of chocolate.Using a conventional knife, pick the eggs, and put small gifts and then solder them a hot knife and tighten.For example, parents can put one egg car keys or apartments.You can also put money into each egg.Unusually will give a gift from the few guests at once.Having a regular chocolate, the couple will be surprised to find there is a more substantial gift.
to congratulate the newlyweds unusual for them to make a special jewelry that will symbolize their couple.This suspension can be in the form of their names or beautiful medallions engraved into which you can paste pictures.
Beautifully congratulate the newlyweds on t
he wedding possible, giving them a salute or sky lanterns.When it gets dark, the young guests happy to admire the beautiful light show or flying away into the sky a symbol of their love.
to congratulate the beautiful young redo any words of the famous song in greeting, designed only for this pair.Presenting the gift, sing a song.Even better for the change in presentation of the artist whose songs you adapted for congratulations.Young will be pleased.In addition, the certificate will be an unusual greeting on video.
Saddle slide show of photos of the pair of joint, providing it with funny comments, and demonstrate love and guests, presenting a gift.Of course, this presentation will settle permanently in the archives of the newlyweds.A similar effect will produce a book on the history and love the young.
to original congratulate the newlyweds at the wedding, invite dancers, clowns and acrobats, who will arrange a beautiful view.Since the script wedding lovers know by heart, a "retreat would be a surprise for them.Importantly, do not forget to warn the toastmaster of the unusual greeting.