best way to print on postcards suit, oddly enough, the old dot-matrix printers and typewriters.From all other similar devices, they differ in that they allow to fill the paper manually.This allows you to print on paper of high density, non-standard size, with excesses and the like that is just typical of postcards.Try to buy one of these devices on the online auction site.
Charge card into the printer or typewriter in expanded form so that the one surface on which will be printed, turned facing the head or arms.In the case of the printer, align the left edge of the left border of cards with the printable area, or head can touch the edge of the paper.
Using the machine, you can put an inscription on a greeting card from the first time.But remember that the right to make mistakes yo
u do not have.Just one wrong letter printed - and it is necessary to buy a new card.Print slowly and carefully.
If the printer is used, the problem is removed, but there is another - the correct location of the text.It is important that he got to that part of the card, which does not busy.Make a test printout on a sheet of fine paper having the same size and tucked the same way.Then align it with a card and check whether the text was the right portion thereof.If necessary, correct layout and make a new control printout.Just make sure that everything is the same, to print directly onto the card.
also for printing on postcards fit and some inkjet printers, but only those that are specifically designed for printing on thick paper.The combination of text by the method described above, and then print only on the matte surface.With a glossy black easily erased finger.
laser printer to print on postcards do not use, even if the gloss is located on the back side.You can spoil the heat roller.If your printer to work with the cards do not fit perfectly, use the latest option: make a printout on thin paper, cut it out and stick onto the card carefully.
not tape the label tape.At first everything will look perfect, but then the adhesive may gradually dissolve the dye and the image will become blurry.