Decide how you want to congratulate Woman .You can just give flowers.Make their delivery by making an application to the online store, which sells bouquets.To do this, log on to one of the portals.Choose the composition of the photos posted on the main page.Click on it to bring up the order form.Fill in the graphs.Specify the name, first name and telephone number.The operator will contact you to clarify the amount and delivery address.As accurately as possible describe the route to the courier does not get lost.Pay for your purchase of the bouquet using terminals or put the electronic money to the florist.
Make original greeting in one of the event-agencies.Scenario invent themselves or make up with professional organizers.You can choose anything you want.It all depe
nds on the imagination and the availability of funds.Your girl can wake up with the sounds of the serenade under her window, or take part in an impromptu kidnapping, in which it will be in a limousine with a bouquet of flowers and champagne.
If you have financial problems, and congratulate Woman want - write a poem or a song.Use the original text - the toast of the Internet are commonplace and not interesting.Ask your friends to help you - to play along with the guitar and perform work with you.Write down everything on camera and send your favorite e-mail.
Create a collage of pictures, where you together.Add to beautiful pictures of the heavenly islands, limousines and palaces.Send good wishes and words of love.Draw Woman a queen on the throne.Scan the poster and send the favorite, adding a file with a romantic song.
girl Send a letter by mail.This almost forgotten way to add romance to your correspondence relations.Or buy a gift at the store, you can not even very expensive, but memorable.And send it parcel.Let her remember the feeling of childhood, when came in the mail parcel is always hiding something very interesting.