celebration starts on the 18th of January, when all Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany Eve.The family gathers around the table.Prepare only meatless meals.One of the main kutia is prepared from rice, honey and raisins.

In the Orthodox tradition, once separated the two holidays - Epiphany and the Baptism itself, which then merged into one.One of the main holiday ritual - Blessing of the Waters.Actually celebration has its origin in the rite of baptism, which has made over the infant Jesus by John the Baptist.It is therefore considered that the baptismal water has special properties.It is no accident in the eve of the Epiphany in the Orthodox churches are multitudes of holy water.However, it is believed that the healing is the most common water taken from t
he well this night.It is believed that the baptismal water can heal wounds.

returning home from church, pass a vessel of holy water master of the house.He has to drink a few sips of water and pass one by one all the members of the household.If you follow all the Orthodox rituals, you should be an icon for the stored consecrated willow branch.Dip it in the holy water and sprinkled it on all the corners of your home.It will always order and prosperity.If you live in a cottage, be sure to sprinkle outbuildings.

In some villages, it was believed that if to pour a few drops of baptismal water in the well, it will always be fresh water.Therefore, you can perform this ritual.However, in this case, you must make sure that the water from this well no one took up the morning.After you make all the necessary rituals, put a jar of holy water to the icon.

One of the main rites of Baptism - bathing in the Jordan.Better to do it in the lighted hole.As a rule, the priests of the temple from the nearby pre-warn people about where to Jordan.Do not forget to bring a towel and a warm dry clothes.

baptism related to many superstitions.For example, it is assumed that on this night all the evil spirits walk the earth, so we must be careful.Epiphany divination betrothed - the most accurate.Guessing vast.In the old days, some of them handed down from generation to generation.For example, songs, to which were removed from the saucer with water ring, knew all the girls of the village and knew how to interpret them.In modern villages and towns tradition sing songs podblyudnye long since disappeared, but the other divination - exist.The most common - divination on wax paper and burnt when the figure, resulting in the vessel or shadows on the wall determine their own destiny.You can throw a shoe.If you turn the toe of the house, the girl will marry soon if the house - sit it on the shelf for at least another year.

There is a belief that if Epiphany christen baby, he will live happily ever after.Couples married in this festival, live in love and harmony.