If you have prepared a present is small, you can pack it in just a few boxes of different sizes.To make it even more interesting, something to fill each of the pseudo-packages.For example, in the largest container put a lot of wrapping paper, smaller box Put sisal or raffia and fill the smallest multi-colored confetti.This comic design sure to make gifts to children to feel the real passion: like a gift in front of him, and could not get out.
treasure map

giving gifts can be converted to the original game.You need to hide prepared a surprise and leave a few tips, which could find the "treasure".C
onnect your imagination.Encrypt hints, turn them into puzzles and charades.Draw a real map that will be designated key locations, the number of steps up to them, etc.- All, like real pirates.Agree with neighbors or even a shop nearby, while searching for gifts will be a truly exciting adventure.
Magic thread

If the person you want to present a gift, living with you in the same apartment, then you can surprise a loved one in the morning.At night, pull the bed to the point X, where it will be hidden surprise, colored thread or ribbon.Do not forget to leave a note explaining.Over the thread can hang a few small little presents or cards with nice wishes.
For a delicious lunch

to present a gift in a restaurant or cafe can be successfully as an adult and a child.Especially spectacular surprise will be if we succeed it served on a platter or even hide among the ordered.Be sure to ask for help from members of the staff.Usually such events are treated with great sympathy.Especially for you may even agree with the musicians, to those in the right moment we changed the style of the compositions performed.