you need
  • Different types of cardboard, glue, stationery and decoration, colored with sequins and transparent.Also, you'll need paint volume for decoration, confetti, small Christmas decorations, metallized adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, crisp tinsel, paper ribbons and bows on packages of bouquets of flowers, semolina or sugar, gel pen, pencil and eraser, ruler and scissors, stationery knife.
Take a sheet of cardboard A4, fold in half and walk around the bend, pushing it tight line.Choose between landscape and portrait orientation, whichever you prefer.Along the perimeter of
the page spread transparent glue for decoration and sprinkle a thin layer of semolina or sugar, add confetti on request.Allow to dry.
Take decorations.It may be bells, pine cones, small balls, boxes, snowmen, snowflakes.Spread them on a sheet, a pencil mark their location.With paper glue fix parts on the cardboard.If the items are bulky, use double-sided sticky tape.
Cut out white cardboard small box, stick it in the center of cards, from one side, attach the bow.On the white leaf usually spelled the recipient's name card.On the turn card Congratulations gel pens.
Take a sheet of glossy black cardboard.Fold and place as desired.On a white sheet of cardboard in pencil, draw the shape of flowers, hearts, stars, same shape, but different sizes.Cut out with scissors.Now attach the resulting patterns on the reverse side of gold self-adhesive film.Circle pencil 2-3 identical things.Using stationery knife, cut out the parts of the release paper layer and press the sticky side on the cover of card.
How to make homemade
centerfold write the name of the birthday boy or the word "Congratulations."Since cardboard and glossy black, do it with a transparent adhesive and bulk sequins for decoration.Gently pressing on the tube of glue, imagine writing pen and the letter is displayed.Wrote one letter - just pour it sparkles, let the glue dry up and blow away any excess simply.
third option: card can be pure white cardboard, tied with silver ribbon and paper with decorations inside.To do this, various shades of pink cardboard with pencil and stationery knife cut the hearts of different shapes.Attach the items received to the postcard, select the attachment points.Now glue.Silver gel pen can draw patterns on the perimeter.Then the pencil circle hearts and the inscription, which is to become the volume.Gently put a pencil through the bulk paint for decorating.Take a hair dryer at a distance of 15-20 centimeters dry the deposited layer.Due to the warm air jet ink becomes convex.Allow time to freeze, close card and tie a paper tape, such as that which is decorated with bouquets.
How to make homemade