To start to define what we will go on a picnic.For this we need something, what you can bring food.Sell ​​special picnic basket, but I opted for a traditional wicker basket.Find such that there was enough space for food and everything you could need - plates, glasses, cutlery, knife and corkscrew.To create a beautiful classic situation, take a blanket, on which you can place your own meals and stay.Sitting on the ground, even in summer, it can be dangerous to health.

I present to you my two best sandwich recipe for outdoor dining.

Sandwich with grilled smoked salmon


- whole wheat bread,

- cheese,

- sliced ​​smoked salmon,

- chopped tomatoes,

- red onion;

- a pat of butter.

method for preparing

Spread cream cheese on bread and top it with a layer of salmon, then sliced ​​onion on top and sprinkle with finely chopped tomatoes.Fry the sandwich until the cheese has melted.To keep the heat, wrap sandwiches in wax paper and then in foil.

salad in tortilla

It's not really a sandwich, but nevertheless he copes with its main task - to satisfy hunger, which in nature is particularly progressive.


- tortilla,

- blue cheese,

- mayonnaise,

- turkey,

- tomatoes,

- bacon,

- arugula.

method for preparing

Fry bacon until crisp condition, crumble the blue cheese on the tortilla and fill with mayonnaise.Then put the turkey, bacon, tomatoes and arugula.You're all rolled into a roll and you're done!

desserts and drinks

To make a dessert for a picnic, do not require much effort.For this fit your favorite cookies.If you do not have time to bake it, buy in the store.There is no doubt need a good bottle of wine or soda.And now you have everything you need to enjoy a holiday in the outdoors with friends and family.

a nice picnic!