invitation to the wedding , first of all, should be informative.Specify in it the names of the guests, the date, time and place of the ceremony.For those guests who will come directly to the wedding banquet, specify the start time and the address of the restaurant (a cafe, dining room).If you are planning a wedding, let's all about the venue.
Do not overload the invitation superfluous information.If you intend to invite guests to the wedding banquet at once, specify only its coordinates.Information about the wedding ceremony and registration drop.
avoid incidents and embarrassing situations, be sure to sign your invitations, even just a couple of names.The rest of the text can be printed on a computer, but it
is better to write their names manually.This will give even a strict, formal Form warmth and sincerity.
for each guest Consider your option reference.For older relatives, co-workers select a more formal style.In his address to close friends and family, you can not skimp on emotions.
If the look of the invitation is not original, try the original's content.Welcome impromptu poetry, humor, lyrical digressions.
If you do, it is important to visit previously confirmed their presence at the next festival, please indicate this in a separate line.Tell your contact numbers and dates on which guests are required to contact you.
In many countries, attached to the list of desired gifts compiled newlyweds.If you find this point of principle, let your wishes show.For example, write that you would like to receive a gift in an envelope (money).