Hundreds of years ago, riding a roller coaster were no less popular than it is now.First, people move down from the snow-covered hills on bales of hay and cow dung.Over time it was invented more advanced device.Today, from the hill sledding or skiing.However, there are many new-fangled devices, allowing it to diversify the winter entertainment and added him more excitement and adrenaline.

skeleton or toboggan

can not say that it was invented recently.Hundreds of years toboggans actively used by Canadian Indians to transport people and cargo.In the US, they were very popular, and in the XIX century, Americans have been started downhill with mountains in the toboggan.

modern toboggan is a common board with a turned-up ends, which is use
d for the downhill.On the toboggan ride sitting, and skeleton - lying on his stomach.In our country, these devices appeared to ride a couple of decades ago, and is very popular not enjoy, because the skating they fraught with risk of injury.

tubing, or "cheesecake┬╗

This round inflatable sled made of rubber, which when descending a hill curl in different directions.The prototype of the tubing during the Soviet era served as skating on inflatable car tires, which is very like a desperate boy.Unpredictable behavior "cheesecakes" gives fans of extreme skiing lot of emotions, but many say that descend from the hills on such devices is not easy, and you can only stop them at the end of slides or by turning, so small children do not put them in.

snow scooter and scooter-scooter

These devices are virtually indistinguishable from their normal counterparts, but instead of wheels fastened to them skiing.The author of the original invention is Frenchman Franck Peta, who first thought of combine skiing and biking.In 2004, the idea was developed and improved skier Andrew Hubert von Stoferom which even got it for two prestigious awards at the British show.


For many years, it simply has no equal in popularity.Today, round, oval, square, triangular, or even double ledyanki can be found on every hill.For convenience, some ledyanki equipped with seat belts or small flanges.With its compact size and ease their often take camping and traveling, and ease of riding on ledyankah allows you to indulge in this occupation for people of all ages and any physical form.