first thought in what format would you like to meet, and where - just to get together as a group in a cafe (or nature) and spend the evening, from the heart after talkingabout old times and the present, and make it to the course at the official level, the walls of the university, with an invitation to teachers.Or maybe spend a big event, which will involve the graduates of different years.And maybe you want to spend an evening meeting at home and decide to cook your own meal.
Try to contact the largest number of people in any way you c
an - in person, by telephone, via Skype, social networks, etc., and to present to them the idea arose.Ask all those with whom you were able to communicate, to inform about the upcoming meeting the rest of the classmates with whom you spoke.
Place information about the meeting on the Internet and in high school where you trained.Remember that the meeting should appoint a few months - it is better from 3 to six months, in time to notify all and "settle" all organizational issues.
Determine the theme evening, because even if you have opted for common gatherings in a cafe, then there will not silently chew and digest dinner.Consider a rough plan of the event - one of whom will be able to act, what to say, etc.But more interesting is your meeting, if you make it topical.For example, dedicate it to bard songs, music and life of those years when you were taught, to beat those professions that you got in high school, etc.
Think about the script, music and master of your evening, whether you drive it yourself or invite a professional to do.Not bad, if the meeting will quicken conduct what some competitions that will organically fit into the theme of the meeting.
will be good if you can manage to send out a questionnaire and get a response from the graduates about their marital status, place of employment, interests, travel and others. This will provide an opportunity, first, to use the information obtained in the preparation of the scriptand, secondly, take into account individual sensitivities, which are at a party you can not mention.
Collect all that will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of those years, when you have finished high school.It can be a variety of photos, shot on a film camera or video, notes in newspapers, wall newspapers, some notes, etc.On the basis of this material, you can organize a collective view, create a wall newspaper, to record to a DVD-ROM, and then give the comrades and teachers.
Try to think through all the financial costs.These may include: - rent for a room in a cafe - part processing facilities - leading services, photographer, videographer, etc.; - Manufacturing photographic and video products - flowers and gifts to teachers - approximate dinner menu, juice,fruits, coffee, etc.
Then identify the sources of the money.You can simply fold and collect the required amount, together, to negotiate with the most affluent classmates or find sponsors.In the latter case, in your scenario, you may have to take into account the promotional points.
Note that the number of graduates coming from other regions as well, perhaps even from abroad, and will need in a hotel, or at least in a place in a hostel.It is possible that this organizational point you have to decide with the help of administration (if necessary dormitories).
Write and send all the invitations, which specify the date of the meeting, the place and the program, as well as the amount of the registration fee and the approximate cost of dinner.