you need
  • album sheet, pencils, markers, erasers
determine which meant beautiful holiday card.Pofantaziruet that it can be represented.It may be something difficult, but interesting.Card should reflect the holiday that you have decided to paint.For example, on the card for the New Year, you can draw a Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden, on a postcard birthday - a bouquet of flowers.It is not necessary to draw a number of how many years pass.This is reminiscent of the age of the birthday boy.
If you want to draw a postcard your professional holiday and give it to your employee, you can draw it at work.It all depends on the profession.
Find out the dreams of who donate postcard .Draw on the paper.This can be a gorgeous home, pl
ane or boat, and maybe a beautiful necklace.It depends on the wishes of.
Take a sheet, which was chosen to draw.The denser the paper, the better.It should be folded in half.On one of the halves of the sheet make a pencil sketch of the plot.Try to put it in the middle, you must leave room for writing words.The top or bottom of the sheet you can write a greeting phrase.If you draw a card March 8, you can display a bouquet of yellow mimosa.
Take a watercolor brush, choose pale colors and zatoniruyte surface of the card.Wait until all the paint is dry.Decorate your drawing paints, markers and colored pencils.Draw a label clearly and better marker.Then expand your postcard , make frames.
Write a greeting speech.And inside the card can draw beautiful patterns.They may be in the form of hearts or small bouquets of flowers.If you draw a Christmas card , inside it is possible to depict the beautiful snowflakes.Your beautiful card is ready!