Jewellery caravans placed in two ways.Put different figures on the surface, you can either immediately before baking, or 10-15 minutes before he is finally ready.In the second case, small figures are spread out and not turn out clearer.But clear-cut decoration are also available, if you will use for their manufacture is not the same yeast dough for a loaf, and a special, decorative, more amenable to modeling, or fresh, for ravioli, and shortbread.
Attach decorations using egg whites or small wooden shpazhek.To your decorations vary in color from the sur
face of the loaf, giving it a more elegant look, try to tint the dough.This can be done using buckwheat or rye flour, and add the caramel, cocoa, paprika (sweet pepper powder), turmeric.
When you lay loaf in the pan, you can immediately wrap it woven braids.It will give a much more solemn and surround views and not allow the dough blurred.For manufacturing braids prepare three or four harness length two and a half times the length of the circumference of a loaf.One end of the blind by them together and then whipping the usual braid.If the material is much, the excess can be torn off.End pigtails beautiful bend and attach to Karavai wooden skewers.
To make the dough rose, cut a few thin slices.Three or four of these apply one edge of the circle each other, wrap them in a roll, and press the center of the finger.When you break off the roll in half, you get two roses.In each of these petals open.You can make a rosette in another way.To do this, you take a circle and rolls it into a roll.Then take another circle and wrap it first "roll", a little bending back the edge of a petal.Just screw the other circles, until you get a magnificent rosette.
For leaves roll out dough and cut diamonds from it.And then with a knife around the edges make small incisions "herringbone".Squeeze or draw a knife veins of leaves.
Asterisks can be obtained from the test case.Cut the tube diameter circles half to two centimeters.Knife or scissors on each circle make radial incisions.Then, these notches expand at an angle of 45 degrees.
mandatory element decoration loaf - ears of wheat.Make them too easy.To do this, take a piece of dough and roll it flagellum.One end not roll out the dough, leaving a thick "sausage".The thin end of the stem is cereal and fat you are radially around, nadschipyvaete scissors, making it look like a part of the ear of grain.Nadschipyvat dough can have after you lay your "spike" on loaf .
Bird for decoration do so.Roll out the dough strips about three centimeters long and half a centimeter thick.Tie a knot striped.From one end of the knot make the beak and from the other - the tail (priplyusnite dough).Follow on ponytail scissors cuts ("feathers").Along the edges of the nodule make notch.
Swan try to mold in such a way (of course, on the caravan must be two).Roll a piece of dough, so that you have turned the flagellum length of 5-6 cm, at one end of which was an oval (the future of the body), and the other - a ball (head with beak).Fashion a beak, then priplyusnite oval, make it tail-feathers and a notch around the body.When you figure to spread on a baking sheet or the surface of the loaf, beautiful swan neck bend.
These are the basic elements of decoration loaf.But you can dream, inserting and other figures - rings, horses, cows, etc.In every region of Russia and still has its own characteristics in the design of a wedding cake.Do not forget to complement its fruits and branches of mountain ash and viburnum.They can also make the dough, but if you look at the present and decorate them your product will be even better.