best if such a meeting will take place in the native school.Or at least its beginning, so to speak the official part.After all, most of my classmates long since left his hometown, had left the country.Therefore, to see her old school, his class and teachers would probably be the most exciting time of the meeting.
First, create an initiative group of the most active and those who have the opportunity to organize the event.Determine the date of the meeting.
Allow plenty of time, because people have to calculate their vacation, some will have to spend a lot of time to organize your trip to meet from another country.Others need to decide on whom to leave small children.Someone else will have to c
atch poreshat production issues.The best option since the announcement of the meeting before it is 2-3 months.
Prepare invitations.Of course, everyone is now equipped with a telephone and e-mail, but nothing beats the feeling when you are printing an envelope, and then falls colorfully decorated and made up with humor invitation to the meeting graduates.
Gather your old school pictures and make a collage.In the first minutes of the meeting, had almost strangers uncles and tetenek, it will provide an opportunity to establish contact quickly, give a sense of cohesion and will take you back in those school years.
make a program in advance.It would be nice to walk around the school, to go to his class, sit at their desks.Here you can invite your teachers of old, who still remember you and tell you about your children's antics.You can also conduct a survey of the achievements of each of the intervening years.Let everyone goes to the board and reports: what he has achieved, that has not had time.
Think in advance the questions that will define, add jokes, humor.We need to think through the program so that these reports were not the usual litany of cases housewives and boasting successful businessmen.You can even distribute the questionnaire in advance with funny life issues.If you have prepared various competitions, humorous diplomas and medals, it is the second part of the program.
Of course, such a meeting can not do without a banquet.Therefore, pre-order in the nearest cafe tables, well, if it is a separate room.Then no one will disturb indulge in memories of school, to arrange various competitions, dance, have fun and talk.