you need
  • - card;
  • - congratulatory text;
  • - glitter, colored markers;
  • - Tape;
  • - bows;
  • - pleated, color, velvet paper;
  • - labels for postcards;
  • - adhesive;
  • - scissors;
  • - additional accessories of your choice.
Choose a card corresponding to the theme of the holiday.Pay particular attention to its original appearance.Remember that you want to decorate it yourself.Best of all, if it will be a minimum of brilliant prints, convex images and text.It should have a fairly modest appearance.Very well suited cards made of thick frosted cardboard decorated with a small picture and printing without the text inside.
Consider greeting that you want to put inside the card.Not necessarily poured a nightingale, but some warm and sincere words will be the most beautiful decoration.Think about how to place tex
t.To this end, work out on a separate sheet of paper, cut it to size cards.Stay pleasing form.If you do not have very good handwriting, print greetings to the printer (use colored paper).
otrez Take a small satin ribbon.At length, he must comply with the vertical side of the card on the front and seamy side.Embellish it with beads, sequins, ribbons, any other decorative elements.Attach the tape inside the card with glue or sew a fishing line (the image circle) and put on the front side.Accommodation options are different, it is best to look closer to the bend or from the edge of the page.
Pick a beautiful design suitable for your postcard stickers.They are sold in stationery stores.Use can be as special labels for postcards (they differ in bulk and labeled "HandmadeCard"), and the most common.The only rule: make sure that they fit perfectly into the main colors and themes.
Lay out a draft card (which tried on the text).Choose from a set of stickers.Approximately, using a pencil, think for their location.Several labels put inside, and some decorate the front of the card.Transfer the design elements on this card.